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Why is refrigeration necessary?

The fruit andvegetable, meat, and dairy industry relies on refrigeration forcooling/freezing, storage, distribution and post-harvest ripening of perishable fruitin particular

Cooling retards thenatural ripening and physiological processes of fruit and vegetables afterpicking

Thereby perishableproducts can be stored for longer periods of time, while increasing freshness,quality, and improving appearance

Differentrefrigeration techniques are used depending on the product. Equipment selectionis important to ensure the optimum conditions for each application

Abattoir Cooling

Meat needs to bechilled as soon as possible after slaughtering, ideally to +5°C within 24 hours

Chiller systems aredesigned to reduce the carcass from body temperature to a deep bone temperatureof +7°C within 16 to 18 hours after cooling starts

Other parts includingheads etc. can be frozen directly

Meat under quarantinemust be cooled/frozen separately

Dairy Processing

Production of dairy products relies on cooling. The refrigeration of milk is essential to retain quality and to reduce bacteria . All our Cold Storages are based on a proprietary wet cooling machine that:

  1. Constant output temperature & humidity output
  2. No evaporator freezing
  3. Maximizes low tariff energy &  renewable use
  4. Reduces ethylene & airborne fungi & micoflora

Other benefits of technology use to our clients

By controlling ripening of products; growers, transporters, shippers enjoy different benefits

including: higher marketing flexibility, less pressure to sell fruits and a larger marketing window of more consistent product quality during the entire sales season.