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Improved Shelf life of fresh products

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Other benefits of technology use to our clients

By controlling ripening of products; growers, transporters, shippers enjoy different benefits including: higher marketing flexibility, less pressure to sell fruits and a larger marketing window of more consistent product quality during the entire sales season.

  • For exports and long-distance transportation, this allows for better quality at port of arrival and better resistance to breaks in the cool chain or unforeseen delays in the supply chain. Resulting to maximization of profits coming along with spoilage in the absence of cold chain.  
  •  Retailers benefits as there is provision of improved shelf life of fresh products in controlled temperatures. consumers come back for better quality fresh products thus retailers will see an increase in customer satisfaction and profits.
  •  Consumers enjoy fruits with better taste as controlled temperature results to having crunchy, firm fruits which is mostly preferred. Most fruits are a widely consumed, rich source of vitamin c and antioxidants. Studies have shown that vitamin c contents decrease by 50% in over 2 months of storage and 10 days of shelf life at regular temperature. Hence efficient cold chain reduces loss of vitamin c leading to consumers enjoying products with high nutrients.